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Work in progress will be a free service for Flickr users.
It will offer:
  • Google map capabilities besides the Yahoo map built into Flickr itself. In satellite view, if you zoom in on both and compare the result, you will see how the Google map allows you to "come closer". A final goal is to include all info in one map, photos, videos and a track. For now each content type has a seperate map.
  •  No uploading. Sign-up once is the only action to take. No data input required. New or updated images on Flickr get pulled into Pinns, directly visible on
  • Easy integration of images in blog posts. Giving a blogpost the same tag as the ones you used on Flickr, makes relevant images appear in and alongside a post "automagically". Videos from almost any third party video provider (e.g. YouTube)  can also be emdedded simply by pasting the video's url instead of any code.
  • You can add other Flickr users to your account, making it the ideal solution for family or club websites. You can filter on tag so that not all their public content gets fetched, but only what they want.
  • Last but not least: FREE, FOR EVER. NO ADS, NEVER. No strings attached.

This project grew out of a clients website, let's say a customized version of Pinns. Take a look here.

From the end of May a beta version of Pinns will be available. In the meantime, below we post updates of the progress.

Main issues to solve

Concentrate on the main functionalities first. This is something we learnt in the past projects we did. No need to discuss the color combinations at this stage. How does that relate with this project? Well, for example it would be nice to offer the service also to Picasa users. But all "would be nice" features that take more than a couple of hours to fix, are suspended by definition in our startup projects. We keep it simple. That's better for us, but also more clear for the potential users. No hassle with different kind of signups. So, what do we concentrate on right now?

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